Large Ficus - ImagePlant Rental, Plant Maintenance & Plant Leasing Interiorscape Services and Plant Rental Service offers:

Experienced Plant Maintenance Plant Design Service

With 20 years corporate plant maintenance, office plant care, event rentals, finer interior plantscape and plant rental experience, we know experience matters. No business too small.

Guaranteed Maintenance Programs

All plants must thrive. Our plant maintenance, long term plant rental service assures our client continuously thriving plants with flexible month to month terms, packaged to fit your needs.

Orchid and Flower Rental Rotation

Orchid arrangements are an affordable and strikingly beautiful addition to any lobby. Add an orchid arrangement for as little as $75 per month.

Free Plant Service Estimates or Phone Consultation

Please feel free to call San Francisco San Jose plant rentals (408) 921-1600

Los Angeles plant rentals (310) 883-4863

Santa Barbara and Ventura plant rentals (805) 857-1298

Orange County and San Diego plant rentals (805) 857-1298

Affordable Office Plants Includes Fine Pottery

High quality ceramics are included in month-to-month office plant service plant lease. Office plant service is an affordable and flexible alternative for businesses of any size.'s indoor plant rental / leasing rates are simple, and month-to-month interior plant leasing programs offer 100% guaranteed plant maintenance with free replacements, moves and changes.

Contained Planter & Atrium Expertise plant maintenance and plant rental has installed dozens of the most beautiful and largest atriums in California. Beautiful plants, plant sustainability, plant cultural factors and safety are our goals.

Impressive, Beautiful Plant Rentals and Tree Rentals for Special Events Weddings

Rent Ficus with lights, rent hedges, rent palm trees, topiaries, ferns, ivy, flowers, waterfalls, streams, ponds, bamboo, enchanted forests or jungle for photoshoots, stage, party or corporate event.

Short Term Event Rentals Include Free Delivery of Plants with Rental over $400

Plantman's event rentals plant rentals provides plant rental San Jose, Monterey, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and in between. Plant Rental Greenhouses in Santa Cruz, Ventura and Escondido.

Live (not cut) Christmas Tree Rental

Living Christmas Tree Rental services San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz with a living (not cut) Christmas tree. Families have the same beautiful tree delivered year after year.




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Plant Maintenance Services

dot image Color accents designed with orchids or durable bromeliads add interesting highlights while controlling costs.

orchid arrangements image

dot image Strategic placement of plant and tree varieties add varying height, color and textural interest.

dot image Biological controls may be used to manage plant pets in order to avoid pesticide use in public areas.

dot image Balancing water and fertilization levels with plant requirements will reduce disease and pest problems and extend plant life.

dot image Detailed grooming of foliage is critical to maintaining both plant health and your building's image in high-use areas.

dot image Use of subirrigation in contained plantings will help control maintenance and replacement costs.

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Benefits of Interior
Plants and Trees

dot image Interior plants and trees breathe, giving us oxygen and refresh the air while removing toxins and absorbing odor.

dot image Plants have a positive psychological even physiological effect by bringing an "outdoors feeling" indoors.

dot image Plants increase humidity in sealed air-conditioned office places, making a more comfortable environment and reducing static electricity.

dot image Plants provide beauty and increase relaxing ambience by offering the eye attractive colorful focal points.

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Earth Day Oak Tree Seedlings

Purchase the prefect gift for employees or visitors for Earth Day. Dozens or hundreds of locally grown 12" Oak tree seedlings in soilless media and compostable recycled 4" wide growing container make the perfect promotional handout in the spirit of Arbor Day.