Special Event Plant & Tree Rental

Helpful tips for renting plants and trees for your special event wedding or party:

  1. Find the rental company that serves your location. You can search using any reliable search engine. Search using the city name as japanese_maples_with_ivy_understory_smwell as plant, tree, rental in you search query. For example: tree, rental, San Francisco, ficus with lights (or any special rental feature like living arch or orchids or ferns).

  2. Ask for pictures of the plants and trees being used. Ask for clear photos of not only plants but the decorative containers that will be used. Make sure the plants look healthy and vibrant. Some rental plants become scarred from being overly used, being moved around from one client to another and from poor care and rough treatment.

  3. Be sure to use a company that has insurance. Plants can fall and do damage to flooring, leave stains. If you have a choice, use the plant rental company that is fully insured for any damages.

  4. Book your plant rental well in advance and ask for an advance booking discount. Most plant rental companies will offer up to 10% off for advance booking. You're likely to find plant rental companies Ficus-in-black-formal-event-in-Monterey Imageoffer similar pricing. Consider special packages and ask the plant rental representative about ways to save–you can see a difference in price.

  5. Make it known to the plant rental company the name and phone number of the assigned event coordinator or someone to be in charge of the location for plant rental arrival, set up and pick up. Letting the plant rental company know the name of the contact person will allow for problems to be solved, should any arise. Provide special instructions like available parking and best doors to use, or stairways or elevators. The plant rental company should also know the time windows, if any, for pick-up and delivery.

Rent Trees, Ferns, Palms

Our "Living Base" is an understory of Ivy and Ferns that covers the base of the tree and makes a small island around it.

Elegant and lush, these trees–like giant bouquets–bring opulent energy to your event setting.

Wedding Arch Ficus Lights Image

Ficus Wedding Arch Image

brd_t.gif Ferns, Ivy Living Arches, Living Walls Rentals

brd_t.gif Rent Fountains, Ponds, Streams or a Zen Garden for your special event

brd_t.gif Rent any size tree Ficus, 6' to 14', any quantity, or species

brd_t.gif Rent enormous Bamboo trees

brd_t.gif Rent Palm trees and/or Ficus fences to create a solid backdrop or divider of green

brd_t.gif Rent lighted trees, trees with cordless twinkle lights,Golden Bamboo with Living Base mood lights, place a lighted tree anywhere, no plugs required

brd_t.gif Rent or lease big Ferns for lecturns, podiums and weddings, Living Wedding Arches (12 feet tall) covered with Ivy and Ferns – "living walls"

brd_t.gif Free delivery and pickup for orders over $400

Please call to discuss your needs.

Plant service leasing tree rental.


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Delivered in your choice of decorative and beautiful containers:

  • Stone Greco
  • Terra Cotta
  • Woven Rattan
  • Gloss Black Ceramic
  • Living Ivy Base
Bamboo Rattan Image

topiary juniper image
spearment ficus in greco mountain view.jpg